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Welcome to European-American University

Since its inception in 2003, European-American University has constantly challenged and reinvented the concept of the university for the twenty-first century. Our graduates join a select group of alumni that includes royalty, senior government officials, church and business leaders from around the world.

EAU is a diverse partnership of affiliated campuses located in Africa and Asia, together with a worldwide distance learning graduate school offering correspondence-based degree programs, and several active research centers. The vision of education at EAU is one of tailored solutions for discerning high achievers who prefer the efficiency and freedom from bureaucracy that a private university can offer, rather than the mass market product available elsewhere. Our independent outlook allows us to place the learner at the heart of their own educational process, offering uniquely flexible programs that are capable of considerable individual customization.

Most applicants to EAU are mature, experienced professionals. With existing learning gained both formally and informally through the workplace, they are particularly well suited for an assessment-based program such as our APEL pathways or “top-up” programs via dissertation, which can significantly lessen both the time under enrolment and the costs involved when compared to other institutions. Experiential assessment is a particular strength of the University, with a number of our faculty being highly expert in this process. EAU also offers more traditionally structured degree routes both on campus and by distance learning via taught, mentored programs and its PhD via research thesis, which remains one of the few PhDs available entirely by distance learning with no residential requirements.

From the outset, EAU has been committed to humanitarian work among professional communities in the developing world, where its programs have provided opportunities for emergent leaders and executives who have benefitted from bespoke training that empowers their businesses and other organizations.

What they say about us

“EAU as an institution is one of the foremost Universities in the world, with enviable record in academic performance and has produced great and mighty graduates for several years. EAU University graduates are known in various fields for excellence and integrity.”
Professor Victor Ojeniyi, Vice-Chancellor, Evangel Christian University (Nigeria)

“My very deepest gratitude to you and your University for opening a door for me.”
Barbara Gall, MA graduate

“Just a brief note to inform you of my complete satisfaction with EAU services…If there was an EAU flag I would probably fly it “
Nathan Johnson, PhD graduate

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Campus based programs

Study options on campus are currently available at bachelor, master and doctoral levels in a range of subject fields including business, management, information technology and hospitality studies. Options range from full-time, residential programs to those conducted via short residency and workplace learning.

Current affiliated campuses include those situated in Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia. Further representation is maintained in the PR China as well as in other countries in Africa and south-east Asia. The University’s network of campuses continues to expand dynamically.

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Distance learning programs

Taught and research programs

Taught and research distance learning programs at EAU are specifically designed to meet the needs of mid-career adults who are intellectually and temperamentally suited to a largely self-designed mentored program with a high degree of autonomy. Programs are offered in business, the arts and humanities at masters and doctoral levels.

You may be returning to study after some time away, or continuing your education for professional and personal benefit. Either way, you will find us efficient, direct and with the necessary expertise to help you achieve your goals. You can start and finish at any time of the year, working at your own pace and with no unnecessary bureaucracy.

>>Distance learning – taught and research programs

Assessment-based programs

Many successful mid-career or retired adults have acquired learning experiences at degree level through a combination of formal and informal routes, but lack the recognition that a degree provides. EAU’s APEL pathway offers the opportunity for the candidate to present a portfolio of these experiences for academic assessment. These programs can lead either to a degree, or to a diploma or certificate below degree level. They require the candidate to meet the same standard as for EAU degrees earned by taught or research pathways.

A further route offered is a dissertation-only “top-up” program at the bachelor’s level for holders of a wide range of existing professional awards. This route allows the holder of a diploma or certificate to convert their studies into a degree by undertaking a dissertation or professional project for University assessment.

EAU also offers the PhD and higher doctorate degrees by assessment of previously published work.

>>Distance learning – assessment-based programs

The EAU difference

As a private international university delivering highly progressive, cutting-edge educational programs, European-American University presents a determinedly different institutional viewpoint from traditional academic institutions. Most notably, where other universities are structured to meet the needs of government or the educational establishment first and foremost, European-American University’s methodology is student-centered and individualistic, built on the values of a holistic and humanistic philosophy that honors the diversity and potential of the human race. Its founders drew on expertise from both the public and private sectors of education provision, as well as in international business, and developed a distinctively and refreshingly different philosophy of education as an individualized process designed to empower future world citizens.

Dr. Bill Clark, EAU honorand, with Barbara Gall, who completed her MA at EAU in 2011

H.M. the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, Royal Patron of EAU

Dr. Nathan J. Johnson, who completed his PhD in Hoplology at EAU in 2009

Dr. William Henderson Munro, who completed his MMus at EAU in 2009

Dr. Arthur Mowle, who completed his MMin, ThD and DLitt at EAU